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Title:The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Fiction, Classics
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Author:Oscar Wilde
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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Fiction, Classics by Oscar Wilde

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Fiction, Classics Dorian Gray doesn t look a day over twenty two Once upon a time Dorian really was young handsome and charming To preserve Dorian s charm his friend Basil Hallward the artist painted his portrait Soon the picture and Dorian s close friendship with Basil On the inside every wicked deed he commits leaves its mark or does it The portrait that Basil painted hangs in a special room in Dorian s house covered completely Underneath the cover lies an image that has changed and aged just as Dorian has not

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Written in his distinctively dazzling manner Oscar Wilde s story of a fashionable young man who sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty is the author s most popular work The tale of Dorian Gray s moral disintegration caused a scandal when it rst appeared in but though Wilde was attacked for the novel s corrupting in uence he responded that there is in fact a terrible moral in i Dorian Gray i Just a few years later the book and the aesthetic moral dilemma it presented became issues in the trials occasioned by Wilde s homosexual liaisons which resulted in his imprisonment Of Dorian Gray s relationship to autobiography Wilde noted in a letter Basil Hallward is what I think I am Lord Henry what the world thinks me Dorian what I would like to be in other ages perhaps

The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde s madcap farce about mistaken identities secret engagements and lovers entanglements still delights readers more than a century after its publication and premiere performance The rapid fire wit and eccentric characters of The Importance of Being Earnest have made it a mainstay of the high school curriculum for decades br br Cecily Cardew and Gwendolen Fairfax are both in love with the same mythical suitor Jack Worthing has wooed Gewndolen as Ernest while Algernon has also posed as Ernest to win the heart of Jack s ward Cecily When all four arrive at Jack s country home on the same weekend the rivals to fight for Ernest s undivided attention and the Ernests to claim their beloveds pandemonium breaks loose Only a senile nursemaid and an old discarded hand bag can save the day br br This Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Edition includes a glossary and reader s notes to help the modern reader appreciate Wilde s wry wit and elaborate plot twists

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays

The Importance of Being Earnest Lady Windermere s Fan A Woman of No Importance Salome An Ideal Husband br br Oscar Wilde was already one of the best known literary figures in Britain when he was persuaded to turn his extraordinary talents to the theatre Between and he produced a sequence of distinctive plays which spearheaded the dramatic renaissance of the s and retain their power today This collection offers newly edited texts of Lady Windermere s Fan A Woman of No Importance Salome An Ideal Husband and arguably the greatest farcical comedy in English The Importance of Being Earnest

An Ideal Husband

Although Oscar Wilde created a wide range of poetry essays and fairy tales and one novel in his brief tragic life he is perhaps best known as a dramatist His witty clever drama populated by brilliant talkers skilled in the art of riposte and paradox are still staples of the theatrical repertoire br i An Ideal Husband i revolves around a blackmail scheme that forces a married couple to reexamine their moral standards providing along the way a wry commentary on the rarity of politicians who can claim to be ethically pure A supporting cast of young lovers society matrons an overbearing father and a formidable femme fatale continually exchange sparkling repartee keeping the play moving at a lively pace br Like most of Wilde s plays this scintillating drawing room comedy is wise well constructed and deeply satisfying An instant success at its debut the play continues to delight audiences over one hundred years later i An Ideal Husband i is a must read for Wilde fans students of English literature and anyone delighted by wit urbanity and timeless sophistication

The Canterville Ghost

This is Oscar Wilde s tale of the American family moved into a British mansion Canterville Chase much to the annoyance its tired ghost The family which refuses to believe in him is in Wilde s way a commentary on the British nobility of the day and on the Americans too The tale like many of Wilde s is rich with allusion but ends as sentimental romance

The Happy Prince

More than a hundred years ago Oscar Wilde created this moving story for his children Now shimmering illustrations as bejeweled and golden as the Prince himself give glowing life to the many dimensions of his tale His story of friendship love and a willingness to part with one s own riches may be more important today than ever before Full color

Lady Windermere's Fan

Beautiful aristocratic an adored wife and young mother Lady Windermere is a fascinating puritan whose severe moral code leads her to the brink of social suicide The only one who can save her is the mysterious Mrs Erlynne whose scandalous relationship with Lord Windermere has prompted her fatal impulse And Mrs Erlynne has a secret a secret Lady Windermere must never know if she is to retain her peace of mind

Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

In print since this is a single volume collection of Oscar Wilde s texts It contains his only novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray as well as his plays stories poems essays and letters Illustrated with many photographs the book includes introductions to each section by Wilde s grandon Merlin Holoand Owen Dudley Edwards Declan Kibertd and Terence Brown A comprehensive bibliography of works by and about Oscar Wilde together with a chronological table of his life and work are also included

The Complete Fairy Tales

The Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde includes the two definitive story collections The Happy Prince and Other Tales and A House of Pomegranates This volume collects exquisite and poignant tales of true beauty selfless love generosity loyalty brilliant wit and moral aestheticism such as The Birthday of the Infanta The Selfish Giant The Nightingale and the Rose and The Happy Prince among others br br A true classic of wonder for all ages

The Happy Prince and Other Tales

A pleasure seeking prince a selfish giant and more Wilde s fairy tales first published in for childlike people from eighteen to eighty

An Ideal Husband, The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays, Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Happy Prince and Other Tales, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Complete Fairy Tales, The Canterville Ghost, The Happy Prince