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Title:Running Wild
Format Type:Ebook
Author:J.G. Ballard
Publisher:Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:112
Category:Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Science fiction, Horror, Thriller

Running Wild by J.G. Ballard

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Running Wild The thirty two adult members of an exclusive residential community in West London are brutally murdered and their children are abducted leaving no trace Through the forensic diary of Dr Richard Greville Deputy Psychiatric Adviser to the London Metropolitan Police the brutal details of the massacre that has baffled the entire police department unfold


In this hallucinatory novel the car provides the hellish tableau in which Vaughan a TV scientist turned nightmare angel of the highways experiments with erotic atrocities among auto crash victims each more sinister than the last James Ballard his friend and fellow obsessive tells the story of this twisted visionary as he careens rapidly toward his own demise in an intentionally orchestrated car crash with Elizabeth Taylor A classic work of cutting edge fiction i Crash i explores the disturbing potentialities of contemporary society s increasing dependence on technology as intermediary in human relations

Empire of the Sun (Empire of the Sun, #1)

i The classic award winning novel made famous by Steven Spielberg s film tells of a young boy s struggle to survive World War II in China i br br Jim is separated from his parents in a world at war To survive he must find a strength greater than all the events that surround him br br Shanghai a city aflame from the fateful torch of Pearl Harbor In streets full of chaos and corpses a young British boy searches in vain for his parents Imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp he is witness to the fierce white flash of Nagasaki as the bomb bellows the end of the war and the dawn of a blighted world br br Ballard s enduring novel of war and deprivation internment camps and death marches and starvation and survival is an honest coming of age tale set in a world thrown utterly out of joint


When a class war erupts inside a luxurious apartment block modern elevators become violent battlegrounds and cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on enemy floors In this visionary tale human society slips into violent reverse as once peaceful residents driven by primal urges re create a world ruled by the laws of the jungle

Concrete Island

On a day in April just after three o clock in the afternoon Robert Maitland s car crashes over the concrete parapet of a high speed highway onto the island below where he is injured and finally trapped What begins as an almost ludicrous predicament in Concrete Island soon turns into horror as Maitland a wickedly modern Robinson Crusoe realizes that despite evidence of other inhabitants this doomed terrain has become a mirror of his own mind Seeking the dark outer rim of the everyday Ballard weaves private catastrophe into an intensely specular allegory

The Drowned World

First published in J G Ballard s mesmerizing and ferociously prescient novel imagines a terrifying future in which solar radiation and global warming have melted the ice caps and Triassic era jungles have overrun a submerged and tropical London Set during the year the novel follows biologist Dr Robert Kerans and his team of scientists as they confront a surreal cityscape populated by giant iguanas albino alligators and endless swarms of malarial insects Nature has swallowed all but a few remnants of human civilization and slowly Kerans and his companions are transformed both physically and psychologically by this prehistoric environment Echoing Joseph Conrad s Heart of Darkness complete with a mad white hunter and his hordes of native soldiers this powerful and beautifully clear Brian Aldiss work becomes a thrilling adventure and a haunting examination of the effects of environmental collapse on the human mind

The Atrocity Exhibition

Easily one of the th century s most visionary writers J G Ballard still lives far ahead of his time Called his prophetic masterpiece by many The Atrocity Exhibition practically lies outside of any literary tradition Part science fiction part eerie historical fiction part pornography its characters adhere to no rules of linearity or stability This reissued edition features an introduction by William S Burroughs extensive text commentary by Ballard and four additional stories Of specific interest are the illustrations by underground cartoonist and professional medical illustrator Phoebe Gloeckner Her ultrarealistic images of eroticism and destruction add an important dimension to Ballard s text

Cocaine Nights

In the resort of Estrella de Mar Charles Prentice has just arrived from London to save his brother Frank who has confessed to setting an explosive fire that has taken five lives Convinced of Frank s innocence Charles uncovers a vast network of drugs pornography and theft


Eden Olympia is more than just a multinational business park it is a virtual city state in itself built for the most elite high tech industries Isolated and secure the residents lack nothing yet one day a doctor at the clinic goes on a suicidal shooting spree Dr Jane Sinclair is hired as his replacement and her husband Paul uncovers the dangerous psychological vents that maintain Eden Olympia s smoothly running surface

The Crystal World

J G Ballard s fourth novel which established his reputation as a writer of extraordinary talent and imaginative powers tells the story of a physician specializing in the treatment of leprosy who is invited to a small outpost in the interior of Africa Finding the roadways blocked he takes to the river and embarks on a frightening journey through a strange petrified forest whose area expands daily affecting not only the physical environment but also its inhabitants br br Through a leaking of time the West African jungle starts to crystallize Trees are metamorphosed into enormous jewels Crocodiles encased in second glittering skins lurch down the river Pythons with huge blind gemstone eyes rear in heraldic poses br br Fearing this transformation as a herald of the apocalypse most flee the area in terror afraid to face a catastrophe they cannot understand But some dazzled and strangely entranced remain to drift through this dreamworld forest Travelling through this gilded land the doctor tries to resist its strange allure while a tribe of lepers search for Paradise

The Best Short Stories

div First published in this collection of nineteen of Ballard s best short stories is as timely and informed as ever His tales of the human psyche and its relationship to nature and technology as viewed through a strong microscope were eerily prescient and now provide greater perspective on our computer dominated culture Ballard s voice and vision have long served as a font of inspiration for today s cyber punks the authors and futurist who brought the information age into the mainstream br div

Cocaine Nights, The Atrocity Exhibition, The Crystal World, Super-Cannes, The Drowned World, Concrete Island, High-Rise, Empire of the Sun (Empire of the Sun, #1), Crash, The Best Short Stories