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Title:Bailey's Cafe (Vintage Contemporaries)
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Author:Gloria Naylor
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Category:Fiction, African american, Magical realism, Short stories

Bailey's Cafe (Vintage Contemporaries) by Gloria Naylor

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Bailey's Cafe (Vintage Contemporaries) Set in a diner where the food isn t very good and the ambience veers between heaven and hell this bestselling novel from the author of Mama Day and The Women of Brewster Place is a feast for the senses and the spirit

The Women of Brewster Place

p IN HER HERALDED FIRST NOVEL Gloria Naylor weaves together the stories of seven women living in Brewster Place a bleak inner city sanctuary creating a powerful moving portrait of the strengths struggles and hopes of black women in America Vulnerable and resilient openhanded and open hearted these women forge their lives in a place that in turn threatens and protects a common prison and a shared home Naylor renders both loving and painful human experiences with simple eloquence and uncommon intuition Her remarkable sense of community and history makes i The Women of Brewster Place i a contemporary classic and a touching and unforgettable read p

Mama Day

A fascinating novel that reworks elements of Shakespeare s i The Tempest i On the island of Willow Springs off the Georgia coast the powers of healer Mama Day are tested by her great niece Cocoa a stubbornly emancipated woman endangered by the island s darker forces

Bailey's Cafe

Set in a diner where the food isn t very good and the ambience veers between heaven and hell this bestselling novel from the author of Mama Day and The Women of Brewster Place is a feast for the senses and the spirit

Linden Hills

A world away from Brewster Place yet intimately connected to it lies Linden Hills With its showcase homes elegant lawns and other trappings of wealth Linden Hills is not unlike other affluent black communities But residence in this community is indisputable evidence of making it Although no one knows what the precise qualifications are everyone knows that only certain people get to live there and that they want to be among them br br Once people get to Linden Hills the quest continues more subtle but equally fierce the goal is a house on Tupelo Drive the epitome of achievement and visible success No one notices that the property on Tupelo Drive goes back on sale quickly no one questions why there are always vacancies at Linden Hills br br In a resonant novel that takes as its model Dante s i Inferno i Gloria Naylor reveals the truth about the American dream that the price of success may very well be a journey down to the lowest circle of hell

The Men of Brewster Place

Naylor returns to the fictional neighborhood this time focusing on the men behind the women who inhabited that desolate block of row houses telling their tragic sad funny and heroic stories


This fictionalized memoir of the award winning author Gloria Naylor tells a story of a massive covert surveillance operation perpetrated against her by an official of the U S government This domestic spying both destroys the peace and tranqui

Children of the Night: The Best Short Stories by Black Writers, 1967 to Present

In Little Brown and Company published The Best Short Stories by Black Writers edited by Langston Hughes the classic compendium of African American short fiction from to Now a quarter of a century later Gloria Naylor has compiled an encore volume Children of the Night bringing this extraordinary series up to date Gathering together the most gifted black writers of our time from to the present Naylor has assembled a rich and varied collection of stories The portrait that emerges of the African American experience in the post Civil Rights era is stirring compelling sometimes disturbing and certainly provocative Naylor has arranged the stories thematically so the reader focuses on a particular subject slavery for example or the family In the hands of different writers these themes provide a wealth and variety of human experience The stories are more than testimonies of the long battle for survival From a young woman s struggles with her barren faith in Alice Walker s lyrical The Diary of an African Nun to an innocent man s involvement in a horrifying act of violence in Ann Petry s The Witness they are as Naylor states in her introduction examples of affirmation of memory of history of family of being They are stories for all of us at the beginning of mankind as a species of America as a nation of the African American as a full citizen

Gloria Naylor: Critical Perspectives Past And Present

In the history of the African American literary tradition perhaps no author has been immersed in the formal history of that tradition than Gloria Naylor As an undergraduate student of Afro American literature at Brooklyn College and a graduate student of Afro American studies at Yale Naylor has analyzed the works of her male and female antecedents in a manner that was impossible before the late seventies And while she is a citizen of the republic of literature in the broadest and most cosmopolitan sense her work suggest formal linkage to that of Ann Petry James Baldwin and more recently Toni Morrison br br em from the Preface by Henry Louis Gates Jr em

Conversations with Gloria Naylor

BIOGRAPHY LITERARY criticism AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES In one year after graduating from Brooklyn College Gloria Naylor b made her debut on the literary scene with i The Women of Brewster Place i The novel was critically acclaimed filmed as a made for television movie and turned into a television miniseries Naylor s output now includes five novels an edited collection of short stories two theater projects and a series of articles essays notes and an unpublished work that combines fiction and nonfiction br br i Conversations with Gloria Naylor i collects her interviews and shows her to be one of the most talented novelists to emerge in the past twenty years The fourteen interviews that are included range from soon after the publication of her first novel to following the publication of i The Men of Brewster Place i Altogether they shed light on Naylor in all her wit wisdom and candor She is the first among the current generation of African American women novelists to have made a study of her literary predecessors Interviews with her are compelling in their revelation of the evolutionary journey of a self professed introvert and dreamer who is as indebted to the English classics as she is to blues jazz or Toni Morrison s i The Bluest Eye i br br An indispensable resource for a study of Naylor s life and art i Conversations with Gloria Naylor i offers rare insight into works that are in the vanguard of contemporary American literature br br Maxine Lavon Montgomery is an associate professor of English at Florida State University and the author of i The Apocalypse in African American Fiction i Her work has been published in i African American Review i i College Language Association Journal i the i Literary Griot i and i Obsidian II African American Literature in Review i

Gloria Naylor Reads The Women Of Brewster Place And Mama Day

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Bailey's Cafe, Linden Hills, The Men of Brewster Place, Children of the Night: The Best Short Stories by Black Writers, 1967 to Present, 1996, Gloria Naylor: Critical Perspectives Past And Present, Mama Day, The Women of Brewster Place, Gloria Naylor Reads The Women Of Brewster Place And Mama Day, Conversations with Gloria Naylor