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Title:Oedipus the King (in Contemporary English)
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Oedipus the King (in Contemporary English) by Sophocles, Armond Boudreaux

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Oedipus the King (in Contemporary English) This version of Oedipus exists primarily to solve a practical problem I wanted to provide a affordable version of the play as well as other ancient texts for my college freshmen but I did not want to go with an older translation so I decided to produce a new version of the play that would not be subject to copyright .

Though I have a beginner s knowledge of the language I am no scholar of ancient Greek So I produced this edition of the play relying primarily on two sources the old Harvard Classics edition and the Loeb Classical Library Greek edition edited by Francis Storr For some passages I also consulted Robert Fagles translation as well as the Fitts Fitzgerald version The resulting text is I think a good contemporary Oedipus that might be helpful to teachers and students who want an inexpensive and accessible version of the play .

Special thanks goes to Dr Stephen Slimp of the University of West Alabama who provided a great deal of help to me in translating a number of passages from Greek

Oedipus Rex (The Theban Plays, #1)

what man wins more happiness than just its shape and the ruin when that shape collapses br br Sophocles Oedipus Rex has never been surpassed for the raw and terrible power with which its hero struggles to answer the eternal question Who am I The play a story of a king who acting entirely in ignorance kills his father and marries his mother unfolds with shattering power we are helplessly carried along with Oedipus towards the final horrific truth br br To make Oedipus more accessible for the modern reader our Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Classics includes a glossary of the more difficult words as well as convenient sidebar notes to enlighten the reader on aspects that may be confusing or overlooked We hope that the reader may through this edition more fully enjoy the beauty of the verse the wisdom of the insights and the impact of the drama

Antigone (The Theban Plays, #3)

The curse placed on Oedipus lingers and haunts a younger generation in this new and brilliant translation of Sophocles classic drama The daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta Antigone is an unconventional heroine who pits her beliefs against the King of Thebes in a bloody test of wills that leaves few unharmed Emotions fly as she challenges the king for the right to bury her own brother Determined but doomed Antigone shows her inner strength throughout the play br br Antigone raises issues of law and morality that are just as relevant today as they were more than two thousand years ago Whether this is your first reading or your twentieth Antigone will move you as few pieces of literature can br br To make this quintessential Greek drama more accessible to the modern reader this Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Edition includes a glossary of difficult terms a list of vocabulary words and convenient sidebar notes By providing these it is our intention that readers will more fully enjoy the beauty wisdom and intent of the play

The Oedipus Cycle: Oedipus Rex/Oedipus at Colonus/Antigone (The Theban Plays, #1–3)


Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra

This volume contains three masterpieces by the Greek playwright Sophocles widely regarded since antiquity as the greatest of all the tragic poets The vivid translations which combine elegance and modernity are remarkable for their lucidity and accuracy and are equally suitable for reading for pleasure study or theatrical performance The selection of Antigone Oedipus the King and Electra not only offers the reader the most influential and famous of Sophocles works it also presents in one volume the two plays dominated by a female heroic figure and the experience of the two great dynasties featured in Greek tragedy the houses of Oedipus and Agamemnon

Oedipus at Colonus (The Theban Plays, #2)

The latest title to join the acclaimed Greek Tragedy in New Translations series Sophocles Oedipus at Colonus tells the story of the last day in the life of Oedipus It was written at the end of the fifth century BCE in Athens in the final years of the Golden Age of Athenian culture and in the last year of Sophocles own life At the center of the play is the mysterious transformation of Oedipus from an old and blind beggar totally dependent on his daughters to the man who rises from his seat and without help leads everyone to the place where he is destined to die In the background of this transformation stands the grove of the Furies the sacred place of the implacable goddesses who pursue the violators of blood relationships Although Oedipus who killed his father and married his mother is an obvious target of the Furies vengeance he enters their grove at the beginning of the play sure that it is the resting place Apollo has predicted for him The reversals and paradoxes in the play speak to the struggle that Oedipus life and the action of the play bring vividly before us how do we as humans subject to constant change find stable ground on which to stand and define our moral lives Sophocles offers his play as a witness to the remarkable human capacity to persevere in this struggle


The Drama Classic edition of Sophocles version of the Electra myth

Sophocles II: Ajax/Women of Trachis/Electra/Philoctetes (Complete Greek Tragedies 4)

Sophocles innovative plays transformed Greek myths into dramas featuring complex human characters through which he explored profound moral issues Electra portrays the grief of a young woman for her father Agamemnon who has been killed by her mother s lover Aeschylus and Euripides also dramatized this story but the objectivity and humanity of Sophocles version provides a new perspective Depicting the fall of a great hero Ajax examines the enigma of power and weakness combined in one being while the Women of Trachisportrays the tragic love and error of Heracles deserted wife Deianeira and Philoctetes deals with the conflict between physical force and moral strength

The Complete Plays

Here in one volume are the full texts of the seven extant plays of the Greek playwright Sophocles regarded by the Greeks of his time as a kind of tragic Homer This collection includes the revised and updated translations by Paul Roche of the Oedipus cycle Oedipus the King Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone as well as all new translations of Ajax The Women of Trachis Electra and Philocetes


Written in the fifth century B C Sophocles tragedy concerns the shame and death of Ajax a Greek who had won fame for his prodigious strength in the Trojan War A brutal farewell to the valor and values of the heroic world the play moves through a series of reversals old allies become enemies honor becomes disgrace and divine power becomes temporal authority


En route to fight the Trojan War the Greek army abandons Philoctetes after the smell of his festering wound mysteriously received from a snakebite at a shrine on a small island off Lemnos makes it unbearable to keep him on ship Ten years later an oracle makes it clear that the war cannot be won without the assistance of Philoctetes and his famous bow inherited from Hercules himself Philoctetes focuses on the attempt of Neoptolemus and the hero Odysseus to persuade the bowman to sail with them to Troy First though they must assuage his bitterness over having been abandoned and then win his trust But how should they do this through trickery or with the truth To what extent do the ends justify the means To what degree should personal integrity be compromised for the sake of public duty These are among the questions that Sophocles puts forward in this one of his most morally complex and penetrating plays

Oedipus Rex (The Theban Plays, #1), Electra, Antigone (The Theban Plays, #3), The Oedipus Cycle: Oedipus Rex/Oedipus at Colonus/Antigone (The Theban Plays, #1–3), The Complete Plays, Oedipus at Colonus (The Theban Plays, #2), Ajax, Sophocles II: Ajax/Women of Trachis/Electra/Philoctetes (Complete Greek Tragedies 4) , Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra, Philoctetes