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Title:A Room with a View: A Romance of Edwardian Era England
Format Type:Ebook
Author:E.M. Forster
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Number of Pages:198
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A Room with a View: A Romance of Edwardian Era England by E.M. Forster

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A Room with a View is a novel by English writer E M Forster about a young woman in the repressed culture of Edwardian era England Set in Italy and England the story is both a romance and a critique of English society at the beginning of the th century Merchant Ivory produced an award winning film adaptation in .

The Modern Library ranked A Room with a View th on its list of the best English language novels of the th century .

The first part of the novel is set in Florence Italy and describes a young English woman s first visit to Florence at a time when upper middle class English women were starting to lead independent adventurous lives Lucy Honeychurch is touring Italy with her overbearing older cousin and chaperone Charlotte Bartlett and the novel opens with their complaints about the hotel The Pension Bertolini Their primary concern is that although rooms with a view of the River Arno have been promised for each of them their rooms instead look over a courtyard A Mr Emerson interrupts their peevish wrangling offering to swap rooms as he and his son George Emerson look over the Arno This behaviour causes Miss Bartlett some consternation as it appears impolite Without letting Lucy speak Miss Bartlett refuses the offer looking down on the Emersons because of their unconventional behaviour and thinking it would place her under an unseemly obligation towards them However another guest at the pension an Anglican clergyman named Mr Beebe persuades the pair to accept the offer assuring Miss Bartlett that Mr Emerson only meant to be kind

A Room with a View

b But you do he went on not waiting for contradiction You love the boy body and soul plainly directly as he loves you and no other word expresses it b br br Lucy has her rigid middle class life mapped out for her until she visits Florence with her uptight cousin Charlotte and finds her neatly ordered existence thrown off balance Her eyes are opened by the unconventional characters she meets at the Pension Bertolini flamboyant romantic novelist Eleanor Lavish the Cockney Signora curious Mr Emerson and most of all his passionate son George br br Lucy finds herself torn between the intensity of life in Italy and the repressed morals of Edwardian England personified in her terminally dull fianc Cecil Vyse Will she ever learn to follow her own heart

Howards End

The self interested disregard of a dying woman s bequest an impulsive girl s attempt to help an impoverished clerk and the marriage between an idealist and a materialist all intersect at a Hertfordshire estate called Howards End The fate of this beloved country home symbolizes the future of England itself in E M Forster s exploration of social economic and philosophical trends as exemplified by three families the Schlegels symbolizing the idealistic and intellectual aspect of the upper classes the Wilcoxes representing upper class pragmatism and materialism and the Basts embodying the aspirations of the lower classes Published in i Howards End i won international acclaim for its insightful portrait of English life during the post Victorian era

A Passage to India

When Adela Quested and her elderly companion Mrs Moore arrive in the Indian town of Chandrapore they quickly feel trapped by its insular and prejudiced Anglo Indian community Determined to escape the parochial English enclave and explore the real India they seek the guidance of the charming and mercurial Dr Aziz a cultivated Indian Muslim But a mysterious incident occurs while they are exploring the Marabar caves with Aziz and the well respected doctor soon finds himself at the centre of a scandal that rouses violent passions among both the British and their Indian subjects A masterly portrait of a society in the grip of imperialism i A Passage to India i compellingly depicts the fate of individuals caught between the great political and cultural conflicts of the modern world br br In his introduction Pankaj Mishra outlines Forster s complex engagement with Indian society and culture This edition reproduces the Abinger text and notes and also includes four of Forster s essays on India a chronology and further reading


Set in the elegant Edwardian world of Cambridge undergraduate life this story by a master novelist introduces us to Maurice Hall when he is fourteen We follow him through public school and Cambridge and on into his father s firm Hill and Hall Stock Brokers In a highly structured society Maurice is a conventional young man in almost every way stepping into the niche that England had prepared for him except that his is homosexual br br Written during and after an interlude of writer s block following the publication of i Howards End i and not published until Maurice was ahead of its time in its theme and in its affirmation that love between men can be happy Happiness Forster wrote is its keynote In Maurice I tried to create a character who was completely unlike myself or what I supposed myself to be someone handsome healthy bodily attractive mentally torpid not a bad businessman and rather a snob Into this mixture I dropped an ingredient that puzzles him wakes him up torments him and finally saves him

Where Angels Fear to Tread

When a young English widow takes off on the grand tour and along the way marries a penniless Italian her in laws are not amused That the marriage should fail and poor Lilia die tragically are only to be expected But that Lilia should have had a baby and that the baby should be raised as an Italian are matters requiring immediate correction by Philip Herriton his dour sister Harriet and their well meaning friend Miss Abbott

The Machine Stops

The Machine Stops is a science fiction short story words by E M Forster After initial publication in The Oxford and Cambridge Review November the story was republished in Forster s The Eternal Moment and Other Stories in br br After being voted one of the best novellas up to it was included that same year in the populist anthology Modern Short Stories In it was also included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume Two br br The book is particularly notable for predicting new technologies such as instant messaging and the internet

Aspects of the Novel

div Forster s lively informed originality and wit have made this book a classic Avoiding the chronological approach of what he calls pseudoscholarship he freely examines aspects all English language novels have in common story people plot fantasy prophecy pattern and rhythm Index br div

A Room with a View / Howards End

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The Longest Journey

Rickie Elliot a sensitive and intelligent young man with an intense imagination and a certain amount of literary talent sets out from Cambridge full of hopes to become a writer But when his stories are not successful he decides instead to marry the beautiful but shallow Agnes agreeing to abandon his writing and become a schoolmaster at a second rate public school Giving up his hopes and values for those of the conventional world he sinks into a world of petty conformity and bitter disappointments

The Life to Come and Other Stories

The fourteen stories in this book span six decades from to or even later and represent every phase of Forster s career as a writer Only two have ever been published and those only in magazines to which few people have easy access br br Two very different reasons caused the other twelve to remain unpublished in Forster s lifetime One was his diffidence which in his earlier years led him to belittle work that had failed to find immediate acceptance There are four such stories in this volume and it is hard today to understand why they were rejected by the same editors who were publishing his other early work br br The remaining stories were disbarred from publication by their overtly homosexual themes instead they were shown to an appreciative circle of friends and fellow writers including Christopher Isherwood Siegfried Sassoon Lytton Strachey and T E Lawrence who considered one story the most powerful thing I have ever read The stories differ widely One is a cheerful political satire another has most unusually for Forster a historical setting a third is the fictional equivalent of one of those comic picture postcards that so delighted George Orwell Others give serious and powerful expression to some of Forster s profoundest concerns br br The significance of these stories in relation to Forster s famous abandonment of the novel is discussed by Oliver Stallybrass in his introduction br br These stories are often brilliant aware both of the strictly contemporary the contrast between Greek and Christian between Goth and Christian between spontaneity and duty in matters sensual and instinctive In short they bring up all Forster s usual preoccupations and at the same time orchestrate the new song and play it loud and clear i World i br br From the dust jacket flap

A Room with a View / Howards End, A Passage to India, A Room with a View, Howards End, The Longest Journey, Aspects of the Novel, Where Angels Fear to Tread, The Life to Come and Other Stories, Maurice, The Machine Stops