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Title:Pretty Good Joke Book
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Author:Garrison Keillor
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Category:Humor, Comedy, Fiction

Pretty Good Joke Book by Garrison Keillor

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Pretty Good Joke Book This revised paperback edition with over more jokes includes all the standbys one liners puns knock knock jokes and insults from the final joke show that aired in April

Good Poems

Every day people tune in to i The Writer s Almanac i on public radio and hear Garrison Keillor read them a poem And here for the first time is an anthology of poems from the show chosen by Keillor for their wit their frankness their passion their utter clarity in the face of everything else a person has to deal with at a m br br i Good Poems i includes verse about lovers children failure everyday life death and transcendance It features the work of classic poets such as Emily Dickinson Walt Whitman and Robert Frost as well as the work of contemporary greats such as Howard Nemerov Charles Bukowski Donald Hall Billy Collins Robert Bly and Sharon Olds It s a book of poems for anybody who loves poetry whether they know it or not

Lake Wobegon Days

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Good Poems for Hard Times

Chosen by Garison Keillor for his readings on public radio s i The Writer s Almanac i the poems in this follow up to his acclaimed anthology i Good Poems i are perfect for our troubled times Here readers will find solace in works that are bracing and courageous organized into such resonant headings as Such As It Is More or Less and Let It Spill From William Shakespeare and Walt Whitman to R S Gwynn and Jennifer Michael Hecht the voices gathered in this collection will be more than welcome to those who ve been struck by bad news who are burdened by stress or who simply appreciate the power of good poetry


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Leaving Home

Revisit the beguiling comic world of Lake Wobegon In the first collection of Lake Wobegon monologues Keillor tells readers more about some of the people from Lake Wobegon Days and introduces some new faces Leaving Home is a book of exceptional charm delightful genuinely touching The Wall Street Journal

Lake Wobegon Summer, 1956

A hilarious coming of age novel b Lake Wobegon Summer b serves up the world according to year old Gary an endearing geek a self described tree toad and a writer in the making whose best friend is his Underwood typewriter Always with humour and often with great sympathy charm and honesty the author tells us a story that both satirises and celebrates the traumas and the passions of adolescence Keillor takes us back to a newly minted America With its post war optimism and Cold War suspicions of outsiders the s are evoked in unforgettable Wobegon fashion

Homegrown Democrat: A Few Plain Thoughts from the Heart of America

In this thoughtful deeply personal work one of the nation s best loved voices takes the plunge into politics and comes up with a book that has had all of America talking Here with great heart supple wit and a dash of anger Garrison Keillor describes the simple democratic values the Golden Rule the obligation to defend the weak against the powerful and others that define his hard working Midwestern neighbors and that today s Republicans seem determined to subvert A reminiscence a political tract and a humorous meditation i Homegrown Democrat i is an entertaining refreshing addition to today s rancorous political debate br br A i New York Times i bestseller br Updated and revised with a new introduction for the midterm elections br A Featured Alternate Selection of the Book of the Month Club

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Clint Bunsen is one of the old reliables in Lake Wobegon the treasurer of the Lutheran church and the auto mechanic who starts your car on below zero mornings For six years he has run the Fourth of July parade turning what was once a line of pickup trucks and girls pushing baby carriages that hold their cats into an event of dazzling spectacle Blazing bands marching units cannons horses a fireworks show and the famous Living Flag one thousand men and women wearing red white or blue standing in formation have attracted the attention of CNN and prompted the governor to put in an appearance as well The town is dizzy with anticipation Until that is they hear of Clint s ambition to run for Congress They re embarrassed for him They know him too well his unfortunate episodes involving vodka sours his rocky marriage And then there is his friendship or whatever it is with the twenty four year old girl who dresses up as the Statue of Liberty for the parade It s rumored that underneath those robes she is buck naked and that her torch contains a quart of booze br It s Lake Wobegon as it s always been good loving people who drive each other crazy

Wobegon Boy

John Tollefson the son of Byron and Mary of Lake Wobegon leaves Minnesota for upstate New York to manage a public radio station at a college for academically challenged children of financially gifted parents Free from the Dark Lutherans of his hometown he makes a pleasant bachelor life for himself in New York He buys a new house and paints it a deep gold He has a bright idea for a restaurant specializing in fresh produce He falls in love with a historian named Alida Freeman He is presented with public radio s coveted Wally Award In the midst of plenty it occurs to John that his life lacks nobility and grace A consumer of fine food and wine and giver of good parties he yet has no coherent life story Compared to his great grandfather John Tollefson who finagled his way over from Norway he feels rootless restless joined in no struggle with nothing at stake The only true magnificence in his life is Alida who eludes his courtship and gives him an impassioned speech about the pleasures of living alone Folded into the romance of John and Alida is the checkered saga of his ancestors dour butcher a playboy publisher a medicine show politician Siamese twin ballplayers a Texas Pentacostalist and a bank embezzler and Lake Wobegon itself with its bachelor farmers its stout hearted burghers and housewives its simple code Cheer up Make yourself useful Mind your manners and Avoid self pity A useful code as John discovers in his pursuit of magnificance especially as the going gets tougher

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