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Title:The Prince (Military Theory Book, #2)
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The Prince (Military Theory Book, #2) by Niccolò Machiavelli, William Kenaz Marriott

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Prince (Military Theory Book, #2) i Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception i .

One of the most influential books on statecraft ever written Niccol Machiavelli s treatise b The Prince b invented modern political philosophy and gave the world the term i Machiavellian i It was read by Spain s King Charles V and King Henry VIII of England and has been influential on world leaders for five centuries The short but powerful guide outlines a pragmatic path for a prince to be successful a formula for political victory that is direct and unemotional The methodology has been called cold and cynical and yet b The Prince b captures a great deal of truth about human psychology .

Filled with classic lines The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared that are eminently quotable b The Prince b is a towering work of theoretical strategy a must read for military science and political philosophy students as well as anyone interested in understanding power what true power is and how to acquire it .

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The Prince

THE PRINCE was written by Niccolo Machiavelli in the s It has continued to be a best seller in many languages Presently it is translated into modern English with illustrations by Benjamin Martinez and an Introduction by Adolph Cso br br The Prince is a classic book that explores the attainment maintenance and utilization of political power in the western world Machiavelli wrote The Prince to demonstrate his skill in the art of the state presenting advice on how a prince might acquire and hold power Machiavelli defended the notion of rule by force rather than by law Accordingly The Prince seems to rationalize a number of actions done solely to perpetuate power It is an examination of power its attainment development and successful use

The Discourses

Few figures in intellectual history have proved as notorious and ambiguous as Niccolo Machiavelli But while his treatise i The Prince i made his name synonymous with autocratic ruthlessness and cynical manipulation i The Discourses i c shows a radically different outlook on the world of politics br br In this carefully argued commentary on Livy s history of republican Rome Machiavelli proposed a system of government that would uphold civic freedom and security by instilling the virtues of active citizenship and that would also encourage citizens to put the needs of the state above selfish personal interests br br Ambitious in scope but also clear eyed and pragmatic i The Discourses i creates a modern theory of republic politics Leslie J Walker s definitive translation has been revised by Brian Richardson and is accompanied by an introduction by Bernard Crick which illuminates Machiavelli s historical context and his new theories of politics This edition also includes suggestions for further reading and notes

The Art of War

Voltaire said Machiavelli taught Europe the art of war it had long been practiced without being known For Niccol Machiavelli war was war and victory the supreme aim to which all other considerations must be subordinated i The Art of War i is far from an anachronism its pages outline fundamental questions that theorists of war continue to examine today making it essential reading for any student of military history strategy or theory Machiavelli believed i The Art of War i to be his most important work


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The Prince and Other Writings

i The Prince and Other Writings i by b Niccolo Machiavelli b is part of the i Barnes amp Noble Classics i i i series which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader including new scholarship thoughtful design and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of i Barnes amp Noble Classics i br br New introductions commissioned from today s top writers and scholars br Biographies of the authors br Chronologies of contemporary historical biographical and cultural events br Footnotes and endnotes br Selective discussions of imitations parodies poems books plays paintings operas statuary and films inspired by the work br Comments by other famous authors br Study questions to challenge the reader s viewpoints and expectations br Bibliographies for further reading br Indices amp Glossaries when appropriate br All editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications some include illustrations of historical interest i Barnes amp Noble Classics i pulls together a constellation of influences biographical historical and literary to enrich each reader s understanding of these enduring works br br br One of history s greatest political philosophers b Niccol Machiavelli b is notorious for his treatise i The Prince i which has become a cornerstone of modern political theory Written in and published in after Machivelli s death i The Prince i immediately provoked controversy that has continued unabated to this day br br Defining human nature as inherently selfish Machiavelli proposes that social conflict and violence are natural phenomena that help determine the ablest most versatile form of government Asserting that idealism has no place in the political arena i The Prince i primarily addresses a monarch s difficulties in retaining authority Considered the first expression of political realism it has often been accused of advocating a political philosophy in which the end justifies the means Indeed the emphasis in i The Prince i on practical success at the expense even of traditional moral values earned Machiavelli a reputation for ruthlessness deception and cruelty Many scholars contend however that the author s pragmatic views of ethics and politics reflected the realities of his time as exemplified by the Medici family of Florence br br Debates about Machiavelli s theories are as lively today as they were years ago but no one questions the importance of his fundamental contribution to Western political thought This newly translated edition also includes Machiavelli s i Letter to Francesco Vettori i i The Life of Castruccio Castracani i and excerpts from the i Discourses on Livy i br b Wayne A Rebhorn b Celanese Centennial Professor of English at the University of Texas has authored numerous studies of Renaissance European literature His i Foxes and Lions Machiavelli s Confidence Men i won the Howard R Marraro Prize of the Modern Language Association of America in

The Prince and The Discourses

This volume includes the complete translated texts of both i The Prince i and the i Discourses on the First Ten Books of Titus Livius i Livy along with a historical and critical Introduction by Max Lerner br br Nothing could be more timely than the publication at this moment of history of the two works which made Machiavelli both famous and infamous as a model for contemporary statesmen i The Prince i and i The Discourses i have become required reading for an understanding of our daily newspaper headlines br br These books have never before been printed in a single volume The texts are complete and unabridged An illuminating introduction is provided by Max Lerner who traces the career and thought of the first analyst of power and the uses to which political domination can be put for aggression and the expanding control of the state br from the jacket of the edition

The Portable Machiavelli

Edited and translated by Peter Bondanella and Mark Musa The Portable Machiavelli not only gives the casual reader a chance to read different personal and professional works of Machiavelli but also strives to do away with many of the myths that have plagued the man s posthumous fame For example the famous the ends justifies the means quote is actually a gross exaggeration of what Machiavelli originally wrote which was in the actions of all men when there is no impartial arbiter one must consider the final result The biggest counterargument Bondanella and Musa can supply is the simple fact that they include a less famous piece Machiavelli did called The Discourses This piece is often not mentioned or even casually footnoted because it presents the true Machiavelli a man who was supportive of a Republic government run by the citizens Any one who believes Machiavelli is a supporter of despots will be surprised to read him speaking in support for fair and public trials and a balance of power between rulers and their people

The Art of War/The Prince

This Special Edition of The Art of War amp The Prince by Machiavelli unites both of Machiavelli s renowned volumes on strategy so that the philosophy and mechanisms for obtaining power and managing power may be seen as a single entity Possessed of a great intellect Niccolo Machiavelli was uniquely suited to examine and explain the important details of statecraft Machiavelli like Plato and Pythagoras and Confucius two hundred odd decades before him saw only one method by which a thinking man himself not powerful might do the work of state building and that was by seizing the imagination of a Prince With these writings he has influenced the history of the world Machiavelli has so influenced human civilization that the very term Machiavellian has come to mean that which is characterized by expediency deceit and cunning A prime example is his advice A wise prince when he has the opportunity ought with craft to foster some animosity against himself so that having crushed it his renown may rise higher His advice on this and other suggested intrigues has been heeded by various heads of state for over four hundred years Other Special Editions in this series that deal with the subject of warfare and strategy include br The Art of War By Sun Tzu Special Edition br The Art of War By Mao Tse tung Special Edition br The Art of War By Baron De Jomini Special Edition

Machiavelli: Selected Political Writings

Here are i The Prince i and the most important of the Discourses newly translated into spare vivid English Why a new translation Machiavelli was never the dull worthy pedantic author who appears in the pages of other translations says David Wootton in his Introduction In the pages that follow I have done my best to let him speak in his own voice And indeed Wootton s Machiavelli does just that when the occasion demands renderings of that most problematic of words virtu are in each instance followed by the Italian Notes a map and an altogether remarkable Introduction no less authoritative for being grippingly readable help make this edition an ideal first encounter with Machiavelli for any student of history and political theory

History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy

Theodoric possessed great talents both for war and peace in the former he was always conqueror and in the latter he conferred very great benefits upon the cities and people under him He distributed the Ostrogoths over the country each district under its leader that he might more conveniently command them in war and govern them in peace He enlarged Ravenna restored Rome and with the exception of military discipline conferred upon the Romans every honor

The Art of War/The Prince, The Prince and Other Writings, The Prince, Mandragola, History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy, The Prince and The Discourses, The Discourses, Machiavelli: Selected Political Writings, The Portable Machiavelli, The Art of War