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Title:Tutta la luce che non vediamo
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Anthony Doerr
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Number of Pages:516
Category:Historical fiction, Fiction, Historical, War, World war ii

Tutta la luce che non vediamo by Anthony Doerr

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Tutta la luce che non vediamo il a Parigi quando a Marie Laure una bambina di sei anni con i capelli rossi e il viso pieno di lentiggini viene diagnosticata una malattia degenerativa sar cieca per il resto della vita Ne ha dodici quando i nazisti occupano la citt costringendo lei e il padre a trovare rifugio tra le mura di Saint Malo nella casa vicino al mare del prozio Attraverso le imposte azzurre sempre chiuse perch cos impone la guerra le arriva fragorosa l eco delle onde che sbattono contro i bastioni Qui Marie Laure dovr imparare a sopravvivere a un nuovo tipo di buio In quello stesso anno in un orfanotrofio della Germania nazista vive Werner un ragazzino con i capelli candidi come la neve e una curiosit esuberante per il mondo Quando per caso mette le mani su una vecchia radio scopre di avere un talento naturale per costruire e riparare questi strumenti di fondamentale importanza per le tattiche di guerra un dono che si trasformer nel suo lasciapassare per accedere all accademia della Giovent hitleriana e poi partire in missione per localizzare i partigiani Sempre pi conscio del costo in vite umane del suo operato Werner si addentra nel cuore del conflitto Due mesi dopo il D Day che ha liberato la Francia ma non ancora la cittadina fortificata di Saint Malo i destini opposti di Werner e Marie Laure convergono e si sfiorano in una limpida bolla di luce Lirico potente malinconico squarciato da improvvise speranze il romanzo di Doerr un ponte gettato oltre lo smarrimento che accomuna tutti una delicata partitura che ci sussurra come contro ogni avversit viviamo alla ricerca di un gesto luminoso che ci avvicini agli altri

All the Light We Cannot See

A stunningly ambitious and beautiful novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II br br From the highly acclaimed multiple award winning Anthony Doerr a stunningly ambitious and beautiful novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II br br Marie Laure lives with her father in Paris within walking distance of the Museum of Natural History where he works as the master of the locks there are thousands of locks in the museum When she is six she goes blind and her father builds her a model of their neighborhood every house every manhole so she can memorize it with her fingers and navigate the real streets with her feet and cane When the Germans occupy Paris father and daughter flee to Saint Malo on the Brittany coast where Marie Laure s agoraphobic great uncle lives in a tall narrow house by the sea wall br br In another world in Germany an orphan boy Werner grows up with his younger sister Jutta both enchanted by a crude radio Werner finds He becomes a master at building and fixing radios a talent that wins him a place at an elite and brutal military academy and ultimately makes him a highly specialized tracker of the Resistance Werner travels through the heart of Hitler Youth to the far flung outskirts of Russia and finally into Saint Malo where his path converges with Marie Laure br br Doerr s gorgeous combination of soaring imagination with observation is electric Deftly interweaving the lives of Marie Laure and Werner Doerr illuminates the ways against all odds people try to be good to one another Ten years in the writing All the Light We Cannot See is his most ambitious and dazzling work

The Shell Collector

The exquisitely crafted stories in Anthony Doerr s acclaimed debut collection take readers from the African coast to the pine forests of Montana to the damp moors of Lapland charting a vast physical and emotional landscape Doerr explores the human condition in all its varieties metamorphosis grief fractured relationships and slowly mending hearts and conjures nature in both its beautiful abundance and crushing power Some of his characters contend with tremendous hardship some discover unique gifts all are united by their ultimate deference to the mysteries of the universe outside themselves

About Grace

Beautifully written and compelling About Grace is the brilliant debut novel from Anthony Doerr Growing up in Alaska young David Winkler is crippled by his dreams At nine he dreams a man is decapitated by a passing truck on the path outside his family s home The next day unable to prevent it he witnesses an exact replay of his dream in real life The premonitions keep coming unstoppably He sleepwalks during them bringing catastrophe into his reach Then as unstoppable as a vision he falls in love at the supermarket exactly as he already dreamed with Sandy They flee south landing in Ohio where their daughter Grace is born And then the visions of Grace s death begin for Winkler as their waterside home is inundated Plagued by the same horrific images of Grace drowning when the floods come he cannot face his destiny and flees He beaches on a remote Caribbean island where he works as a handyman chipping away at his doubts and hopes never knowing whether Grace survived the flood or met the doom he foretold After two decades he musters the strength to find out

Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World

From the award winning author of The Shell Collector and About Grace comes an evocative memoir of the timeless beauty of Rome and the day to day wonderment of living writing and raising twin boys in a foreign city

Memory Wall

Set on four continents Anthony Doerr s collection of stories is about memory the source of meaning and coherence in our lives the fragile thread that connects us to ourselves and to others br br In the luminous and beautiful title story a young boy in South Africa comes to possess an old woman s secret a piece of the past with the power to redeem a life In The River Nemunas a teenaged orphan moves from Kansas to Lithuania to live with her grandfather and discovers a world in which myth becomes real Village is about the building of the Three Gorges Dam and the seedkeeper who guards the history of a village soon to be submerged And in Afterworld the radiant cathartic final story a woman who escaped the Holocaust is haunted by visions of her childhood friends in Germany yet finds solace in the tender ministrations of her grandson br br The stories in Memory Wall show us how we figure the world and show Anthony Doerr to be one of the masters of the form

The Snake Handler

From the prize winning author of The Shell Collector and Memory Wall comes an intense rollicking short story not available in any of his books Carlos Ninguna is seventeen His father is a snake handler and Carlos is his apprentice When a man who may or may not be on the FBI s Most Wanted List moves into the apartment above them Carlos is faced with a whole tangle of complicated decisions br br Anthony Doerr is one of the country s most honored young story writers His short stories have appeared in the Atlantic McSweeney s the Paris Review and Zoetrope All Story where The Snake Handler originally appeared His most recent collection Memory Wall won the Story Prize

Two-Minute Entreaty

No description available

Fast Fiction. The Deep

Set in Detroit during the Depression Doerr tells the affecting story of Tom meant to die of a weak heart before he is who is cossetted by his mother but shown a world of possibilities by the flame haired Rub

The Hunter's Wife

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Zone démilitarisée

No description available

Memory Wall, All the Light We Cannot See, Two-Minute Entreaty, The Snake Handler, About Grace, Zone démilitarisée, The Hunter's Wife, Fast Fiction. The Deep, The Shell Collector, Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World