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Title:The Ballad of Les Darcy
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Peter FitzSimons
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Category:Biography, Non fiction

The Ballad of Les Darcy by Peter FitzSimons

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Ballad of Les Darcy i The Ballad of Les Darcy i a biography of the legendary Australian boxer is the latest book from Australia s bestselling author Peter FitzSimons and is exclusive to Books Alive It s FREE in participating bookshops when a customer buys any book from The Books Alive Great Read Guide

Nancy Wake

i Freedom is the only thing worth living for While I was doing that work I used to think that it didn t mater if I died because without freedom there was no point in living i br b Nancy Wake b br br In the early s Nancy Wake was a young woman enjoying a bohemian life in Paris By the end of the Second World War she was the Gestapo s most wanted person br br As a naive young journalist Nancy Wake witnessed a horrific scene of Nazi violence in a Viennese street From that moment she declared that she would do everything in her power to rid Europe of the Nazi presence What began as a courier job here and there became a highly successful escape network for Allied soldiers perfectly camouflaged by Nancy s high society life in Marseille Her network was soon so successful and so notorious that he had to flee France to escape the Gestapo who had dubbed her the white mouse for her knack of slipping through its traps br br But Nancy was a passionate enemy of the Nazis and refused to stay away She trained with the British Special Operations Executive and parachuted back into France behind enemy lines Again this singular woman rallied to the cause helping to lead a powerful underground fighting force the Maquis Supplying weapons and training the civilian Maquis organising Allied parachute drops cycling four hundred kilometres across a mountain range to find a new transmitting radio nothing seemed too difficult in her fight against the Nazis br br Peter FitzSimons reveals Nancy Wake s compelling story a tale of an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things


The Shipwreck of the Batavia combines in just the one tale the birth of the world s first corporation the brutality of colonisation the battle of good vs evil the derring do of sea faring adventure mutiny ship wreck love lust blood lust petty fascist dictatorship criminality a reign of terror murders most foul sexual slavery natural nobility survival retribution rescue first contact with native peoples and so much more br br Described by author Peter FitzSimons as a true Adults Only version of Lord of the Flies meeting Nightmare on Elm Street the story is set in when the pride of the Dutch East India Company the Batavia is on its maiden voyage en route from Amsterdam to the Dutch East Indies laden down with the greatest treasure to leave Holland The magnificent ship is already boiling over with a mutinous plot that is just about to break into the open when just off the coast of Western Australia it strikes an unseen reef in the middle of the night br br While Commandeur Francisco Pelsaert decides to take the long boat across miles of open sea for help his second in command Jeronimus Cornelisz takes over quickly deciding that people on a small island is unwieldy for the small number of supplies they have Quietly he puts forward a plan to odd mutineers how they could save themselves kill most of the rest and spare only a half dozen or so women including his personal fancy Lucretia Jansz one of the noted beauties of Holland to service their sexual needs A reign of terror begins countered only by a previously anonymous soldier Wiebbe Hayes who begins to gather to him those are prepared to do what it takes to survive hoping against hope that the Commandeur will soon be coming back to them with the rescue yacht br br It all happened long ago and it is for a very good reason that Peter FitzSimons has long maintained that this is far and away the greatest story in Australia s history if not the world s FitzSimons unique writing style has made him the country s best selling non fiction writer over the last ten years and he is perfect man to make this bloody chilling stunning tale come alive


For Australians i Kokoda i is the iconic battle of World War II yet few people know the names of the men who fought on the track or even the details of what happened More Australians died in the months of fighting in Papua than in any other campaign of World War II br br Now bestselling author Peter FitzSimons tells the i Kokoda i story in a gripping and moving style for all Australians i Kokoda i was a defining battle for Australia where a small force of young ill equipped Australians engaged a highly experienced and hitherto unstoppable Japanese force on a narrow precarious jungle track Again and again the outnumbered Australians risked everything to stop the Japanese from advancing along the track towards mainland Australia br br Conditions on the track were hellish rain was constant the terrain close to inhospitable food and ammunition supplies were practically non existent and the men constantly battled malaria and dysentery as well as the Japanese The Australian troops were wounded and exhausted beyond belief but always found that extra bit of spirit to fight on with the help of the local people br br i Kokoda i is a superb blend of authority and gripping storytelling history at its best


Tobruk narrates the taking of Tobruk as part of a general thrust in North Africa by Allied forces A panicked Winston Churchill wrote Tobruk seems to be the place to be held to the death without thought of retirement nothing must hamper the capture of Tobruk In the dark heart of World War II when Hitler turned his attentions to conquering North Africa a distracted and far flung Allied force could not give its all to the defence of the key city of Tobruk in Libya So the job was left to the roughest toughest bunch they could muster Tobruk is the story of an incredible battle in excruciating desert heat through nine long months against the might of Adolf Hitler s formidable Afrika Korps This force s defence of Tobruk against the Afrika Korps armoured division is one of the great battles of all time yet rarely talked about Drawing on extensive source material including diaries and letters some never published before this extraordinary book is the definitive account of this remarkable battle While Peter Fitzsimons is a celebrated historian his popularity stems from his fantastic storytelling Tobruk is written in a narrative style putting the reader next to men such as General Leslie Morshead as he decides the fate of his men next to men such as Jack Harris as he stands in the blood of an injured mate While detailed and well researched Tobruk reads like a novel


b On April Allied forces landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in present day Turkey to secure the sea route between Britain and France in the west and Russia in the east After eight months of terrible fighting they would fail b br br Turkey regards the victory to this day as a defining moment in its history a heroic last stand in the defence of the nation s Ottoman Empire But counter intuitively it would signify something perhaps even greater for the defeated Australians and New Zealanders involved the birth of their countries sense of nationhood br br Now approaching its centenary the Gallipoli campaign commemorated each year on Anzac Day reverberates with importance as the origin and symbol of Australian and New Zealand identity As such the facts of the battle which was minor against the scale of the First World War and cost less than a sixth of the Australian deaths on the Western Front are often forgotten or obscured br br Peter FitzSimons with his trademark vibrancy and expert melding of writing and research recreates the disaster as experienced by those who endured it or perished in the attempt

Mawson: And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen

b The incredible story of Australia s most famous polar explorer and the giants from the heroic age of polar exploration b Douglas Mawson born in and knighted in was Australia s greatest Antarctic explorer This is the incredible account of an expedition he led on December from Hobart to explore the virgin frozen coastline below miles of which had never felt the tread of a human foot After setting up Main Base at Cape Denision and Western Base on Queen Mary Land he headed east on an extraordinary sledging trek with his companions Belgrave Ninnis and Dr Xavier Mertz After five weeks tragedy struck Ninnis was swallowed whole by a snow covered crevasse and Mawson and Mertz realized it was too dangerous to go on Dwindling supplies forced them to kill their dogs to feed the other dogs at first and then themselves Hunger sickness and despair eventually got the better of Ninnis and he succumbed to madness and then to death Mawson found himself all alone miles from safety with next to no food This staggering tale of his survival against all odds also masterfully interweaves the stories of the other giants from the heroic age of polar exploration to bring the jaw dropping events of this bygone era dazzlingly back to life

Eureka: The Unfinished Revolution

Eureka Stockade The Unfinished RevolutionIn Victorian miners fought a deadly battle under the flag of the Southern Cross at the Eureka Stockade Though brief and doomed to fail the battle is legend in both our history and in the Australian mind Henry Lawson wrote poems about it its symbolic flag is still raised and even the nineteenth century visitor Mark Twain called it a strike for liberty Was this rebellion a fledgling nation s first attempt to assert its independence under colonial rule Or was it merely rabble rousing by unruly miners determined not to pay their taxes

The Ballad of Les Darcy

i The Ballad of Les Darcy i a biography of the legendary Australian boxer is the latest book from Australia s bestselling author Peter FitzSimons and is exclusive to Books Alive It s FREE in participating bookshops when a customer buys any book from The Books Alive Great Read Guide

Ned Kelly: The Story of Australia's Most Notorious Legend

b Love him or loathe him Ned Kelly has been at the heart of Australian culture and identity since he and his gang were tracked down in bushland by the Victorian police and came out fighting dressed in bulletproof iron armour made from farmers ploughs b br br Historians still disagree over virtually every aspect of the eldest Kelly boy s brushes with the law Did he or did he not shoot Constable Fitzpatrick at their family home Was he a lawless thug or a noble Robin Hood a remorseless killer or a crusader against oppression and discrimination Was he even a political revolutionary an Australian republican channelling the spirit of Eureka br br Peter FitzSimons bestselling chronicler of many of the great defining moments and people of this nation s history is the perfect person to tell this most iconic of all Australian stories From Kelly s early days in Beveridge Victoria in the mid s to the i Felons Apprehension Act i which made it possible for anyone to shoot the Kelly gang to Ned s appearance in his now famous armour prompting the shocked and bewildered police to exclaim He is the devil and He is the bunyip FitzSimons brings the history of Ned Kelly and his gang exuberantly to life weighing in on all of the myths legends and controversies generated by this compelling and divisive Irish Australian rebel See more at a target blank href http www randomhouse com au books peter fitzsimons ned kelly aspx sthash krvD GcJ dpuf rel nofollow http www randomhouse com au books p a

A Simpler Time

Peter FitzSimons s account of growing up on the rural outskirts of Sydney in the s is first and foremost a tribute to family But it is also a salute to times and generations past In this rollicking and often hilarious memoir Peter describes a childhood of mischief camaraderie eccentric characters drama The childhood of a simpler time

Batavia, Eureka: The Unfinished Revolution, The Ballad of Les Darcy, A Simpler Time, Ned Kelly: The Story of Australia's Most Notorious Legend, Tobruk, Mawson: And the Ice Men of the Heroic Age: Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen, Kokoda, Gallipoli, Nancy Wake