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Title:French Hospitality
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Tahar ben Jelloun, Barbara Bray
Publisher:Columbia University Press
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Number of Pages:192
Category:Unfinished, Non fiction

French Hospitality by Tahar ben Jelloun, Barbara Bray

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC French Hospitality The award winning novelist and author of the international bestseller i Racism Explained to My Daughter i uses his own experience to illuminate the experience of the Other in his adopted land and everywhere A Moroccan who emigrated to France in Tahar Ben Jelloun draws upon his own encounters with racism along with his insights as a practicing psychologist and gifted novelist to elucidate the racial divisions that plague contemporary society In a modern France where openly racist leaders such as National Front spokesman Jean Marie Le Pen have made significant strides toward broad popular acceptance Ben Jelloun s book is more topical now than ever His profound and compelling appeal for tolerance in both public discourse and the law is a passionate yet reasoned argument that racism simply does not make sense in the multicultural world of today .

i French Hospitality i confronts issues of international resonance the relationship of a formerly colonized people to their onetime colonizers the encounter between Islam and the modern Judeo Christian West and the status of the non European minorities in Europe today Underlying these issues is a heartfelt nostalgia for simple traditional North African hospitality as practiced since time immemorial by a relatively poor and unsophisticated society Ben Jelloun supplements this rather noble ideal of generosity and welcoming by borrowing the philosophical concept of hospitality the opening of oneself to another from the works of Emmanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida in order to illustrate the moral conception of a nation s unconditional acceptance of foreigners Isn t the belief in welcoming strangers a fundamental mark of civilization In a political climate where increasingly repressive immigration laws are a national trend as well as an international phenomenon he contends it is not surprising that racism has gained a foothold Most hurt by racist polemic and politics he points out are children of immigrants born in France their memories are those of the French people and they deserve to be treated with the full respect afforded to any citizen .

With his elegant and imaginative prose Ben Jelloun shows us both racism s face and the immigrant s heartbreak but he also evokes the wind of freedom and the ideal of hospitality and with this gesture offers a kind of hope in extricating ourselves from racism s recidivist incoherencies

تلك العتمة الباهرة

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حين تترنح ذاكرة أمي

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The Sand Child

In this lyrical hallucinatory novel set in Morocco Tahar Ben Jelloun offers an imaginative and radical critique of contemporary Arab social customs and Islamic law i The Sand Child i tells the story of a Moroccan father s effort to thwart the consequences of Islam s inheritance laws regarding female offspring Already the father of seven daughters Hajji Ahmed determines that his eighth child will be a male Accordingly the infant a girl is named Mohammed Ahmed and raised as a young man with all the privileges granted exclusively to men in traditional Arab Islamic societies As she matures however Ahmed s desire to have children marks the beginning of her sexual evolution and as a woman named Zahra Ahmed begins to explore her true sexual identity Drawing on the rich Arabic oral tradition Ben Jelloun relates the extraordinary events of Ahmed s life through a professional storyteller and the listeners who have gathered in a Marrakesh market square in the s to hear his tale A poetic vision of power colonialism and gender in North Africa i The Sand Child i has been justifiably celebrated around the world as a daring and significant work of international fiction

أن ترحل

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Le racisme expliqué à ma fille

Un enfant est curieux Il pose beaucoup de questions et il attend des r ponses pr cises et convaincantes On ne triche pas avec les questions d un enfant C est en m accompagnant une manifestation contre un projet de loi sur l immigration que ma fille m a interrog sur le racisme Nous avons beaucoup parl Les enfants sont mieux plac s que quiconque pour comprendre qu on ne na t pas raciste mais qu on le devient Parfois Ce livre qui essaie de r pondre aux questions de ma fille s adresse aux enfants qui n ont pas encore de pr jug s et veulent comprendre Quant aux adultes qui le liront j esp re qu il les aidera r pondre aux questions plus embarrassantes qu on ne le croit de leurs propres enfants br br br Plus de dix ans apr s le dialogue avec M ri me qui avait elle m me dix ans j ai voulu rendre compte de mes changes avec les enfants du monde entier que je ne cesse de rencontrer Car nous constatons ensemble que non seulement le racisme n a pas recul mais qu il s est banalis et dans certains cas aggrav Nous essayons de comprendre ses nouvelles manifestations la mont e de l antis mitisme et de l islamophobie les discriminations dont les immigr s sont victimes et l entr e en sc ne de l identit nationale

L'enfant de sable / La nuit sacrée

Le premier chapitre Homme montre une personne clo tr e d elle m me dans sa chambre Dans le chapitre suivant un conteur raconte son histoire Son p re d sirait un fils mais n avait que des filles br br The Sand Child l Enfant de sable is a novel by Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun First published in France the novel s message expresses on multiple levels ideas about the post colonial condition of Morocco while also emphasizing themes relating to the construction of individual identities It can also be seen as a critique of traditional Islamic and Moroccan mores with specific reference to the position of women There are strong elements of magical realism in the novel br br Ben Jelloun continued the story of Mohammed Ahmed Zahra in his award winning novel The Sacred Night

The Sacred Night

i The Sacred Night i continues the remarkable story Tahar Ben Jelloun began in i The Sand Child i Mohammed Ahmed a Moroccan girl raised as a boy in order to circumvent Islamic inheritance laws regarding female children remains deeply conflicted about her identity In a narrative that shifts in and out of reality moving between a mysterious present and a painful past Ben Jelloun relates the events of Ahmed s adult life Now calling herself Zahra she renounces her role as only son and heir after her father s death and journeys through a dreamlike Moroccan landscape A searing allegorical portrait of North African society i The Sacred Night i uses Arabic fairy tales and surrealist elements to craft a stunning and disturbing vision of protest and rebellion against the strictures of hidebound traditions governing gender roles and sexuality

A Palace in the Old Village

i Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition can be found a href https www goodreads com book show a palace in the old village rel nofollow here a i br br The story of an immigrant named Mohammed who has spent forty years in France and is about to retire Taking stock of his life his devotion to Islam and to his assimilated children he decides to return to Morocco where he spends his life s savings building the biggest house in the village and waits for his children and grandchildren to come be with him A heartbreaking novel about parents and children i A Palace in the Old Village i captures the sometimes stark contrasts between old and new world values and an immigrant s abiding pursuit of home

The Last Friend

i The Last Friend i the new novel from internationally acclaimed author Tahar Ben Jelloun winner of the International Dublin IMPAC award is a i Rashamon i like tale of friendship and betrayal set in twentieth century Tangier Written in Ben Jelloun s inimitable and powerfully direct style the novel explores the twists and turns of an intense thirty year friendship between two young men struggling to find their identities and sexual fulfillment in Morocco in the late s a complex and contradictory society both modern and archaic br br From their carefree university days through their brutal imprisonment and ultimate release the two rely on each other for physical and psychological survival forging bonds not easily broken Each narrator tells his version of the story painting a vivid portrait of life lived within and in opposition to the moral strictures of North Africa br br Set against a backdrop of repression and disillusionment i The Last Friend i is a tale of loss of innocence and a nation s coming of age br br br

The Happy Marriage

b Ben Jelloun is arguably Morocco s greatest living author whose impressive body of work combines intellect and imagination in magical fusion i The Guardian i b br i i br In i The Happy Marriage i the internationally acclaimed Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun tells the story of one couple first from the husband s point of view then from the wife s just as legal reforms are about to change women s rights forever br br The husband a painter in Casablanca has been paralyzed by a stroke at the very height of his career and becomes convinced that his marriage is the sole reason for his decline br br Walled up within his illness and desperate to break free of a deeply destructive relationship he finds escape in writing a secret book about his hellish marriage When his wife finds it she responds point by point with her own version of the facts offering her own striking and incisive reinterpretation of their story br br Who is right and who is wrong A thorny issue in a society where marriage remains a sacrosanct institution but where there s also a growing awareness of women s rights And in their absorbing struggle both sides of this modern marriage find out they may not be so enlightened after all

The Sand Child, أن ترحل, L'enfant de sable / La nuit sacrée, A Palace in the Old Village, تلك العتمة الباهرة, حين تترنح ذاكرة أمي, The Happy Marriage, The Sacred Night, Le racisme expliqué à ma fille, The Last Friend