Minecraft: Master Handbook Guide

The only Minecraft Handbook You Will Ever Need With Pictures br br b Every Tips and Tutorials Inside We Have included with Step by Step Pictures to Walk You Through Every Step All the Way b br br Farming and Mining Resources br br Knowing the Structures and Biomes in Minecraft br br Outstanding House Ideas and Building Secrets br br Minecraft s Game Modes and Themes br br Explore Minecraft features you never knew about br br Build those amazing creation you ve seen on minecraft videos br br br This is the only minecraft books or minecraft handbook you ll ever need You ll be able to build amazing buildings in no time with this minecraft secrets handbook using these minecraft tips and minecraft tricks

Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America

The Untold Story of the Extraordinary Alliance That Forged Our Nation and the Unlikely Duo Behind It George Washington amp Alexander Hamilton br br In the wake of the American Revolution the Founding Fathers faced a daunting task overcome their competing visions to build a new nation the likes of which the world had never seen As hostile debates raged over how to protect their new hard won freedoms two men formed an improbable partnership that would launch the fledgling United States George Washington and Alexander Hamilton br br Washington and Hamilton chronicles the unlikely collaboration between these two conflicting characters at the heart of our national narrative Washington the indispensable general devoted to classical virtues and Hamilton an ambitious officer and lawyer eager for fame of the noblest kind br br Working together they laid the groundwork for the institutions that govern the United States to this day and protected each other from bitter attacks from Jefferson and Madison who considered their policies a betrayal of the republican ideals they had fought for br br Yet while Washington and Hamilton s different personalities often led to fruitful collaboration their conflicting ideals also tested the boundaries of their relationship and threatened the future of the new republic br br From the rumblings of the American Revolution through the fractious Constitutional Convention and America s turbulent first years this captivating history reveals the stunning impact of this unlikely duo that set the United States on the path to becoming a superpower

The Jamestown Experiment: The Remarkable Story of the Enterprising Colony and the Unexpected Results That Shaped America

The American dream was built along the banks of the James River in Virginia

The Pox and the Covenant: Mather, Franklin, and the Epidemic That Changed America's Destiny

For one hundred years God had held to his promise and the colonists had as well When the first Puritans sailed into Massachusetts in the seventeenth century weak from the ocean journey they formed a covenant with each other and with God to establish a city on a hill a commitment to live uncorrupted lives together or all suffer divine wrath for their collective sin But now a century later the arrival of one doomed ship would put this covenant to its greatest test On April the HMS Seahorse arrived in Boston from the West Indies carrying goods cargo and unbeknownst to its crew a deadly virus Soon a smallpox epidemic had broken out in Boston causing hundreds of deaths and panic across the city The clergy including the famed Cotton Mather turned to their standard form of defense against disease fasting and prayer But a new theory was also being offered to the public by the scientific world inoculation The fierce debate over the right way to combat the tragedy would become a battle between faith and reason one that would set the city aflame with rage and riot br br The Pox and the Covenant is a story of well known figures such as Cotton Mather James Franklin and a young Benjamin Franklin struggling to fight for their cause among death and debate although not always for the side one would expect In the end the incredible results of the epidemic and battle would reshape the colonists view of their destiny setting for America a new course a new covenant and the first drumbeats of revolution br br Praise for Pox and the Covenant br br A welcome shade of gray into the traditional depiction of Puritans as repressive and closed minded Boston Globe br br A fascinating aside to American medical history Publisher s Weekly br br With present day controversy over vaccination everything old is new again And Williams history is timely as well as engaging Booklist

Minecraft Handbook: The Ultimate Creations Guide, For Beginners to Advanced (Minecraft Handbook Guide Book with Building Videos) (Secret Minecraft Handbook Guide)

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Minecraft: Redstone Minecraft Handbook (Minecraft Handbook Essential Guide Books for Kids) (Secret Minecraft Handbook Guide)

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Uncle Jack

The solution is finally revealed to the most notorious crime story of all The person identified in this book as the killer of five women in London s East End in has never before been named a suspect in more than years of intense speculationis indeed Jack the Ripper Together the authors prove not only that their suspect had links with the victims but that he was in Whitechapel at the same time as the crimes were committed and he had the knowledge and the skills which the nature of the murders required At last the legend and myths surrounding the identity of Jack the Ripper have been brought to an end

Hurricane of Independence: The Untold Story of the Deadly Storm at the Deciding Moment of the American Revolution

THE AMERICAN COLONIES WERE IN THE CLUTCHES OF TWO DEADLY STORMS br br Only months before the first shot of what would become the American Revolution had been fired But not everyone was committed to battle The people were caught between a patriotic fervor for the cause of liberty and deep concern about the righteousness of and the danger in rebelling against the world s largest empire And unbeknowst to them as September opened a powerful hurricane was making its way across the Atlantic one that would test the colonists strength resolve and faith in the rebellion br br Hurricane of Independence is the untold story of a violent storm and the violent birth of a nation On September the th deadliest Atlantic hurricane of all time landed on American shores Over the coming days it would race up the East Coast striking all of the important colonial capitals and eventually killing more than four thousand people In an era where hurricanes were viewed as omens from God what this storm meant to the colonists about the justness of their cause would yield unexpected results br br Hurricane of Independence is the story of the individual people in the eye of the storm and how they saved the American Revolution From well known founders like George Washington Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin to ordinary individuals such as sailors escaped slaves farmers and fishermen Tony Williams paints a stunning picture of what it meant to live at the opening of the American Revolution and the incredible weight of the choice the people were facing at that deciding moment br br Hurricane of Independence brings to life an incredible moment when the forces of nature and the forces of history came together and the courageous stories of sacrifice survival and strength amidst the fight for freedom

Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules

i A comprehensive action packed guide to playing rugby i br br Rugby is the fastest growing contact sport in North America This hard hitting game long popular at college campuses is now being played at high schools and community parks br br The new edition of the best selling b Rugby Skills Tactics and Rules b presents the latest information on all aspects of the game along with an updated list of useful addresses The book also features exciting images from the World Cup including expert captions that describe the very latest skills and tactics used at the highest level br br Features include br br br All the tactics and skills of the game at every level for beginners experienced players and coaches Over color photographs with captions explaining player positions and strategies Basic and specialized skills Coaching including training team patterns and motivation The rules and laws of the game including playing field dimensions Fascinating trivia and amusing stories from around the world b Rugby Skills Tactics and Rules b is packed with superb full color action photographs of the sport s greatest players in action Complete with glossary a rules section updated addresses and websites this book has everything a player coach or fan needs to enjoy the game

George A. Romero: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers Series)

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