Rugby Union for Dummies

Created especially for the Australian customer A practical useful and entertaining guide to the game of rugby union Rugby Union For Dummies explains the aim of the game the rules what you wear where you play tactics training coaching and more In plain English this book delivers expert rugby knowledge to those who want to know more about the game to those who want to play the game and to those who just want to watch the game

Inside the Wallabies: The Real Story, the Players, the Politics and the Games from 1908 to Today

b Take a warts and all look behind the scenes at the mighty Wallabies from their first tour in until today b br br Herbert Paddy Moran was mesmerized by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini He was also the first captain of a strange disparate bunch who called themselves the Wallabies One hundred years on the Wallabies of today are as outlandish cocksure and eccentric as their forebears This is the real story of the Wallabies It s about the players the coaches the politics and the games It s about the soaring highs of World Cup success and the years of when they truly deserved the moniker of Woeful Wallabies As fast paced as a Mark Ella backline play and as solid as Phil Kearns front row i The Wallabies i is a fascinating passionate and insightful history of the world of the Australian Rugby Union

Wallaby Warrior: The World War I Diaries of Australia's Only British Lion

Tom Richards is the only Australian born Test rugby player to have played for both Australia and the British Lions When the Australian team won the Gold Medal for rugby at the Olympic Games the London Times pronounced If ever the Earth had to select a Rugby Football team to play against Mars Tom Richards would be the first player chosen br With an introduction by leading Australian rugby writer Greg Growden Richards s diaries offer wonderful insights into his extraordinary sporting life but more importantly provide perceptive and acute observations of the brutality and the humanity he observed on the front lines of World War I His diaries are a revealing and very personal account of what occurred throughout the Gallipoli campaign and then the Western Front where he received a Military Cross for his courage under German fire As a great observer of human tragedy and frailties Richards is acerbic in his opinions and often critical of his superiors and fellow soldiers repeatedly finding fault with the British in charge But it is his vivid descriptions of the many other characters who crossed his path that confirm this to be a significant contribution to our understanding of the Great War br Wallaby Warrior is a rich and intimate observation of life from a very different time by one of Australia s greatest rugby players and the man after whom the trophy for rugby union tests between Australia and the British Lions is named

Jack Fingleton: The Man Who Stood Up to Bradman

Jack Fingleton is one of Australian cricket s most important and intriguing characters In John Arlott s words He is himself and a diverse himself it is br Fingleton was an outstanding opening batsman with a reputation for fearlessness against the most hostile and dangerous opening attacks He faced up to England s feared Bodyline bowlers and became the first batsman in history to score four successive Test centuries br Later he gained a reputation as possibly Australia s greatest cricket writer with his work syndicated throughout Australia and overseas He also moved in the corridors of power as a political journalist and was on intimate terms with several prime ministers He was the author of a number of authoritative books including Cricket Crisis and Brightly Fades the Don br Fingleton led a varied and at times turbulent life Married to the daughter of noted feminist Jessie Street over several decades he was involved in an on again off again feud with one time teammate Sir Donald Bradman Greg Growden s access to previously unpublished correspondence has helped him shed new light on their relationship and on the rich life of a witty evocative complex and altogether unforgettable Australian

Gold, mud, and guts: The incredible Tom Richards : footballer, war hero, Olympian

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Inside the Wallabies: The real story, the players, the politics and the games from 1908 to today

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Rugby Union For Dummies

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Rugby Union for Dummies, UK Edition

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A Wayward Genius: The Fleetwood Smith Story

The story of the great left hand spin bowler who played test cricket for Australia alongside Bradman and O Reilly but was unable to control the demands of fame and his wild streak nature Part of his later life was spent on skid row

The Snowy Baker Story

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