A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder (Inspector Singh Investigates #1)

Inspector Singh is in a bad mood He s been sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to solve a murder that has him stumped Chelsea Liew the famous Singaporean model is on death row for the murder of her ex husband She swears she didn t do it he thinks she didn t do it but no matter how hard he tries to get to the bottom of things he still arrives back at the same place that Chelsea s husband was shot at point blank range and that Chelsea had the best motivation to pull the trigger he was taking her kids away from her Now Inspector Singh must pull out all the stops to crack a crime that could potentially free a beautiful and innocent woman and reunite a mother with her children There s just one problem the Malaysian police refuse to play ball

A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul (Inspector Singh Investigates #2)

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The Singapore School of Villainy (Inspector Singh Investigates #3)

Inspector Singh is home and how he wishes he wasn t His wife nags him at breakfast and his superiors are whiling away their time by giving him his usual you re a disgrace to the force lecture Fortunately for Singh there is no rest for the wicked when he is called out to the murder of a senior partner at an international law firm clubbed to death at his desk Unfortunately for Singh there is no shortage of suspects from the victim s fellow partners to his wife and ex wife or motives as many of the lawyers have secrets they would kill to protect And very soon Singh finds himself heading up an investigation that rips apart the fabric of Singapore society and exposes the rotten core beneath Perhaps coming home wasn t such a good idea after all

A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree (Inspector Singh Investigates #4)

Inspector Singh is in Cambodia wishing he wasn t He s been sent as an observer to the international war crimes tribunal in Phnom Penh the latest effort by his superiors to ensure that he is anywhere except in Singapore br br But for the first time the fat Sikh inspector is on the verge of losing his appetite when a key member of the tribunal is murdered in cold blood The authorities are determined to write off the incident as a random act of violence but Singh thinks otherwise It isn t long before he finds himself caught up in one of the most terrible murder investigations he s witnessed the roots of which lie in the dark depths of the Cambodian killing fields

A Curious Indian Cadaver (Inspector Singh Investigates #5)

Inspector Singh is sick of sick leave so when Mrs Singh suggests they attend a family wedding in Mumbai he grudgingly agrees hoping that the spicy Indian curries will make up for extended exposure to his wife s relatives br Unfortunately the beautiful bride to be disappears on the eve of her wedding did she run away to avoid an arranged marriage or is there something more sinister afoot When a corpse is found the fat inspector is soon dragged into a curious murder investigation with i very i firm instructions from Mrs Singh to exonerate her family But as he uncovers layer upon layer of deceit he knows it isn t going to be that easy

A Calamitous Chinese Killing (Inspector Singh Investigates #6)

b Inspector Singh s expertise is required in China in his sixth adventure as he battles political intrigue to get to the bottom of a very murky and complex crime b Inspector Singh is on a mission to China against his better judgment The son of a bigwig at the Singapore Embassy has been bludgeoned to death in a back alley in Beijing The Chinese security insist that he was the victim of a robbery gone wrong but the young man s mother demands that Singapore s finest in his own opinion rides to the rescue But solving a murder in a country that practices socialism with Chinese characteristics is a dangerous business and it soon becomes apparent that getting to the bottom of this calamitous killing will be his toughest case yet

A Frightfully English Execution (Inspector Singh Investigates #7)

Inspector Singh is irate He s been instructed to attend a Commonwealth conference on policing in London a job for paper pushers not real cops as far as he is concerned br br And as if that isn t bad enough his wife is determined to come along to shop for souvenirs and visit previously unknown relatives br br But it isn t long before the cold case that lands on Singh s ample lap turns into a hot potato and he has to outwit Scotland Yard his wife and London s finest criminals to prevent more frightful executions from occurring on his watch or indeed from being added to their number

The Seeds Of Time (The Animal Talkers, #1)

Features Honesty Smith and Spencer Jones ordinary children who are on a quest to save the planet This title features a story that ranges from the plight of the Orang Utan in Borneo to the Polar Bear in Alaska and tells how the young people and the animals team up to save the world


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The Undone Years

On a rubber plantation in Malaya on the eve of the Second World War three teenagers enjoy their last summer of freedom and innocence Matthew is the son of the English planter who runs the estate and his best friend Rajan is the son of his father s clerk but despite their parents disapproval of their friendship they feel like equals When beautiful strong willed Mei Ling arrives both boys heads are turned But before any romance can blossom the Japanese invade br br Against a backdrop of the fall of Singapore the communist insurgency and the eventual Japanese surrender The Undone Years is a very human story of love and betrayal in a time of war